Blood Bowl 2 unleashes its star players onto the field

Blood Bowl 2 Star Players

Team managers have a very special card up their sleeves in Blood Bowl 2: star players. If you know you’re about to head into a tough match, then you may want to hire one of these mercenary players. Legends of the game, though they may be costly they certainly are mighty. 

Star players have much higher stats than your regular ball kickers, and also have special abilities you won’t see anywhere else. Some can hypnotise, others can stab, one even fires the ball across the pitch with a cannon. And then there’s the guys who just plain run through enemy players. They’re a tough gang.

Tough comes with a price though, and these mercenary players can only be hired for a single game. Is the extortionate cost worth it? These players can apparently quite easily turn the tide of battle, so perhaps so.

Blood Bowl 2 releases September 22nd.