Blood Bowl 2’s Chaos team care less about the sport and more about maiming

Blood Bowl 2 Chaos Trailer

Blood Bowl is American Football played by Warhammer fantasy races, with an unhealthy dose of gladiatorial combat. The tabletop game spawned a PC adaptation developed by Cyanide a few years back, and its sequel, Blood Bowl 2, is poised to launch this spring. 

The Chaos gameplay trailer below manages to sum up the game quite nicely. It’s a game where a minotaur with tentacles sprouting out of it can beat a man to death and still be playing by the rules. 

Everything looks great until the aforementioned minotaur fails to pick up the ball on his first attempt. It’s a frustration that only really exists in worlds ruled by RNG. If a player can’t pick up a stationary ball while facing no opposition, maybe he should get another job? Locker room janitor?