Blood Bowl: Star Coach gives the Warhammer bloodsport the Football Manager treatment


Being a professional athlete in a sport like Blood Bowl is quite the hazardous profession, if you’re not eaten alive by the opposition then you’re either beaten to death, run into the ground until dead, or impaled on the goal posts. It’s just not a safe place to be. Yet, if you can’t resist the smell of freshly killed sportsman in the morning then you may be better off going into a management position.

That’s just what Cyanide are letting you do in Blood Bowl: Star Coach, a newly announced free-to-play browser game that gives Blood Bowl the Football Manager treatment.

Details below.

Unlike previous Blood Bowl games you won’t be controlling the teams in their matches, instead you will be selecting the roster, building their play book and challenging other coaches (playing on PC, tablet, Mac,or via crystal ball). Once a match commences the result is determined on Cyandide’s servers and you can watch a replay on your computer.

Via press release we’re told that“There are many ways to play Blood Bowl and lots of extensions already developed. Blood Bowl: Star Coach will interest both fans of football management as well as pure Blood Bowl enthusiasts. Players will encounter all the typical emotions and depth of play of a management game as well as the fun and originality specific to the Blood Bowl universe” says Patrick Pligersdorffer, CEO of Cyanide.

There’s no word on how the free-to-play aspect of the game will work, as yet.

Cyanide have the game slated for a release in Q2 this year, so between April and June.