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New ’90s cartoon inspired dungeon crawler drops on Steam

Taking cues from '90s cartoons and ARPG dungeon crawlers, this vibrant hack and slash, vampire-hunting adventure is out now on Steam.

Blud Steam out now

Blending bold ‘90s cartoon-inspired visuals with field hockey, the vampire apocalypse, and ARPG dungeon crawlers, Blud is finally out today. With clear shades of The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, and even the wacky hijinks of Johnny Bravo, I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth (sorry) into this for some time.

This top-down dungeon crawler casts you as Becky Brewster, a field hockey player who’s moved to the town of Carpentersville and also just so happens to come from a long, ancient bloodline of vampire hunters. As you can probably imagine, this leads Blud’s gameplay down the only path it could: fighting vampires and other monsters across town with a giant hockey stick.

You’ll upgrade your arsenal with a grappling hook, umbrella shield, shovel, and more. When you’re not in class you’ll use social media to track down missions, and you can even get selfies with every monster to understand their strengths and weaknesses – a mechanic more action RPGs need to embrace.

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Explore the whole town while not in session at Carpentersville High, as the vampires, bats, rats, and straight-up demons lurk everywhere you’re not looking. Just be sure to leave some time for your extracurricular activities that don’t involve the undead, alright?

With the arcade hack-and-slash genre well and truly back with excellent games like TMNT Shredder’s Revenge, I’ve been itching for something like Blud. It’s bright, lively, and oozing charm, which is a recipe for delight whatever way you slice it.

Blud is available on Steam as of Tuesday June 18, and you can find it right here.

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