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In Bonded, one girl and her robot face the post-apocalypse


Blooming robots, always trying to end human civilization. They’re at it again in Bonded, an adventure game that pits a wee girl and her robot chum against a post-apocalyptic world ruled by less friendly bots that hunt down and eradicate humans. 

With the population down to three digits, the girl’s parents left their bunker to find help after an epidemic nearly wiped out their group of survivors. When they don’t return, she goes looking for them with the help of her robot.

It’s a tale about friendship, apparently. Isn’t that lovely? Even if it is a tale about friendship set amid the extinction of humanity and the rise of an oppressive machine regime.

“We are very happy to finally announce Bonded, a game we’ve been developing with great joy,” says art director Edgar Ferreira. “With this game we aim to offer a rich experience full of challenging puzzles, unique environments that will fuel your imagination and a touching story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.”

The concept art is gorgeous.

The first screenshots… less so.

Lots of different locations and a trek across the wasteland are promised, so it won’t all be set in a dingy industrial complex.

Bonded is coming to PC in the fourth quarter of this year.