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Booker, cast: BioShock’s Troy Baker to star opposite Kevin Spacey in new Call of Duty

In Advanced Warfare, Troy Baker plays Private Mitchell. Who really ought to be named Parts, lolol.

Troy Baker growled his way through The Last of Us as Joel, and through BioShock Infinite as Booker DeWitt. He did it at a higher pitch as The Joker in Arkham Origins. 

Now, he’ll do the same for Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But only in the cutscenes.

In CoD Club, it seems, it’s not your turn to speak until the camera’s on you. Baker’s Private Mitchell talks only during cutscenes, never during play – the sort of arbitrary rule that could only come from the FPS genre, but might just work there.

Mitchell will be the sole player character for the duration of Advanced Warfare – apparently a first for the perspective-hopping series. He begins the game in 2054 as a marine and squadmate of Will Irons – son of the Kevin Spacey-played private military corp CEO, Jonathan Irons.

Once his tour of duty is done, Irons the Elder asks Mitchell to leave the marines and join his company, Atlas Corporation. He says yes, and is kitted out with one of the EXO suits glimpsed in last week’s Advanced Warfare trailer.

Every mission, you’ll earn points used to upgrade your EXO suit. The abilities it enables are Crysis-plus-Deus-Ex-but-moar – optic camouflage, mid-air hovering, wall-climbing, boosting into cover, and jumping really, really high.

Worth putting up with Spacey’s anti-democratic rhetoric for, eh?

Cheers, Gamespotand Game Informer.