Borderlands 2 has another vault hunter join its ranks: Krieg the Psycho


Gearbox yesterday announced Borderlands 2’s sixth playable character – the first to come from the ranks of its enemies. Krieg is a Psycho, yes, but he comes with his own buzz axe, and several different personalities.

The result of a (presumably failed) experiment deep beneath Pandora, Krieg is a melee specialist who self-heals as he deals damage.

His three skill trees include Bloodlust, which sees the player’s survivability enhanced with every swing of Krieg’s buzz axe; Mania, which sees damage increase as health decreases; and Hellborn, which ups fire damage. And the less cooperatively-minded will be pleased to hear that friendly fire reportedly does Krieg a world of good in the right circumstances.

“If you’re like me – I was like, ‘Fuck cover, I just want to get in this guy’s face’ – then this is your guy,” Borderlands 2 lead writer Anthony Burch summarised helpfully during the character’s PAX East reveal.

The Psycho Pack will be on sale as standalone DLC from May for $10. The game’s fourth campaign DLC pack, meanwhile, will launch by the end of June, and is included in the game’s Season Pass. Do any of you have one of those? Has the upfront fee been worth it?

Thanks to The Escapist.