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Borderlands 2 has a wealth of new DLC on the horizon


Borderlands 2 was the good game Gearbox released this year, though it’s hardly a title to recommend the game considering it was up against Aliens: Colonial Marines, which, as I said earlier today, wasn’t great.

Having wrapped up the first season of DLC, the developer has announced its plans for the next set of expansions, including a boost to level cap and new quests, some involving head hunters.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 will bump the maximum level up to 72, adding new skills for your vault hunters. Along with the level boost is a mission called Digistruct Peak which extends the game’s story beyond its closing moments.

Gearbox are also working on three Headhunter packs. These addons will see the return of T.K. Baha from the first game, now in zombie form. There’s no clear word on the size of these updates in comparison to the DLC already released.

It’s bad luck if you own a season pass, though. None of this new DLC will be covered by it. The Vault Hunter pack will cost $5 and the other DLCs have yet to have a price set. There are free updates to increase inventory, ammunition, and wallet sizes, though.

Cheers, OXM.