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Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio station locations

Find and sabotage the COV’s radio stations in this Borderlands 3 crew challenge

borderlands 3 Crimson Radio locations crew challenges

Looking for Crimson Radio stations in Borderlands 3? As part of the crew challenges, you’re tasked with sabotaging radio stations across the planets to bring down the Children of the Vault’s broadcast towers.

The Crimson Radio station crew challenge is tasked to you by Moxxi and they are scattered across the various Borderlands 3 planets. You’ll need to unlock all four planets in order to fully complete this crew challenge, and you can do that by pursuing the main campaign. Once you’ve unlocked the final planet, Eden-6, you’ll be able to fully roam the planets and reap the rewards of the crew challenges, although you will not yet have access to every area in the game. By sabotaging all of the Crimson Radio stations, you’ll gain XP and Borderlands 3 Eridium to use towards your class build and skill trees.

It’s a completely optional mission, but the crew challenges are pretty simple to complete if you know where they are. So if you happen to be in the area, or want to swing by to check another location off your list, here’s our guide to all 21 Crimson Radio station locations in Borderlands 3.

Here’s where to find every Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio station:

Crimson Radio location, ascension bluff, Pandora

Ascension Bluff

Take a left from the first fast travel point and you’ll see a massive radio tower. Look for any ledges with yellow paint and you should find an easy route to the top.

Borderlands 3, Crimson Radio station locations, Atlas HQ

Atlas HQ

This one is in the area where you fight off Maliwan with turrets, once you’ve cleared it go to the edge of the platform facing the sea, and look down and to the left.

Borderlands 3, Crimson Radio station locations, Meridian Outskirts

Meridian Outskirts

Look around the swampy area where vehicles spawns and you should be able to spot this in the centre. Getting up there is pretty easy, too.

Borderlands 3, Crimson Radio station locations, Lectra City

Lectra City

This can be a little tricky to get to. Head to the map marker, the climb up the building opposite. To make the jump, you need to climb up on the street light, and perform a running jump from there.

Borderlands 3, Crimson Radio station locations, Athenas


Easily the most challenging piece of parkour in the game. To get to this Crimson Radio you need to start by searching around the base of the tower for a nook with some easy to climb crates. From here, look for some yellow paint on a small pedestal and climb that, which should bring you to a raised area.

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Now go around the tower opposite the one with the radio on its roof, you need to climb up to a tin roof, then look to your left and make a tricky jump onto a concrete platform – you need to aim for the left side as the right side is blocked. Now there should be a very simple path to follow up, and then an easy gap across to the other tower.

borderlands 3, crimson radio station location, floodmoor basin

Floodmoor Basin 1

The crimson radio location can be found in the expanse east of Floodmoor Basin. Surprisingly tricky to spot considering it’s in such an open area, you need to treat the base of this tower like a Jacob’s Ladder, then you need to carefully jump from beam to beam until you’re at the station’s control.

Borderlands 3 crimson radio location, floodmoor basin

Floodmoor Basin 2

Very easy to get to, just head to the lumberyard and keep your eyes peeled for a large metal building it. The route to the top is pretty basic.

Borderlands 3, crimson radio locations, the anvil

The Anvil 1

You’ll come across this naturally as you progress through the main campaign, just look to the left as you enter a large, open swampy area. The Crimson Radio is at the very top, but getting up there is easy.

borderlands 3, crimson radio location, the anvil

The Anvil 2

This Crimson Radio is located atop a guard lookout tower, and getting up is a little tricky. Start on a large concrete block to the left of the tower (with yellow paint on it) and then jump to the ledge on the two vertical pipes. Look left and jump up to the next set of pipes, edge around, jump to the concrete ledge, then to the pipe that’s jutting out, and finally look up and grapple onto a beam that’s hanging from the top. One more jump and you’re home free.

Borderlands 3, Crimson Radio station locations, Jakobs Estate

Jakobs Estate

This is hidden in plain sight, in the first open area you come across. The only reason you’re likely to miss it is that it won’t appear on your map unless you platform up to it.

borderlands 3 crimson radio ambermire 1

Ambermire 1

This is in a devious location. To actually access this Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio you’ll need to backtrack to a set of logging buildings nearby – look for a pipeline connecting the two sites. Climb to the roof, run along the pipeline, next aim for a slanted roof, then another, and finally drop down to the Crimson Radio.

borderlands 3 crimson radio in ambermire

Ambermire 2

This is located atop Tig’s Big Rig, just follow the set of ladders and jumps up to the top.

devils razor crimson radio

Devil’s Razor 1

Located on the roof of an industrial facility, getting her will require all of your parkour expertise. First, clear out the inner section of the building, then climb to the top floor. Around the edges you’ll spot a concrete angle that you can run along, do so until you reach a fuel tank, climb up, then onto a steel beam that’s jutting out. One more jump and you should be able to reach the stairs to the roof.

Devils razor crimson radio 2

Devil’s Razor 2

This one’s on the edge of the map, but when you arrive at the map marker you may have a hard time spotting it. Look a railing that’s covered in blood and then jump off the edge. There’s a ladder nearby, too, but we prefer our method.

Borderlands 3 splinterlands crimson radio

The Splinterlands

Stick to the right after entering The Splinterlands for the first time and you will come across a large shanty town – look for a radar dish.

carnivora crimson radio


You’ll probably want to return for this after fight Pain & Terror. Simply return to the area where the car chase starts and head right and look for a shipping container with a hole in it, you’ll need to do a running jump from another shipping container to reach it.

borderlands 3 konrads hold crimson radio

Konrad’s Hold

Head right after jumping over a broken gantry to a new area and you should spot a train track suspended over a varkid nest. Run and jump across to the broken track to sabotage this radio mast.

cathedral of the twin gods crimson radio

Cathedral of the Twin Gods

This is in the vehicle section of this area, just hop off under the massive bridge and get ready for some tricky platforming up the side of the concrete building.

crimson radio desolations edge 1

Desolation’s Edge 1

Inside a Maliwan compound, accessible by jumping on a crate, then a wall, and across to a shipping container.

crimson radio 2 desolations edge

Desolation’s Edge 2

This is very easy to find if you just head right after leaving Typhon’s base.


Tazendeer Ruins

This one is easy enough to track down but fiendishly difficult to reach. To access this you need to head to the lowered path on the right and look for a jump to the cliff below the shielded Maliwan base. Once you find that path, making your way to the radio is simple.

If you’ve sabotaged all the Crimson Radio stations in Borderlands 3, you can try your hand at other crew challenges, including finding dead Claptraps. This is worth following all the way to the end as you’ll get a very powerful weapon as a reward for sabotaging every radio mast.