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Borderlands 3 FL4K skill tree: every upgrade path to unleash the Beastmaster

Become the master of the game’s cel shaded fauna as you fade, blast, and irradiate any annoying influencer in your path

FL4K’s skill trees in Borderlands 3 let you take control of the nastiest beasts from Gearbox’s shoot-a-thon and set them loose on the poor soon-to-be-brutalised denizens of Pandora. You certainly don’t want to get in the way of this scruffy robot and his army of Skags, Spiderants, Jabbers, and Rakk, if you want to come away from your jaunt to the bright world of Borderlands in one piece.

As with the three other Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters, the Beastmaster has three Borderlands 3 FL4K skill trees on offer: Hunter, Master, and Stalker. Each come with an action skill and the opportunity to decide which gnarly pet to have at your side. On top of that you have various ways to augment them, and opportunities to upgrade your character’s passive skills.

Below you’ll find each Borderlands 3 FL4K skill tree in full so you can start planning your fearsome builds ahead of the imminent Borderlands 3 release date. Simply click on the highlighted links below to jump to the progression path you find most intriguing and start mentally assigning your 48 skill points to help you live FL4K’s best life according to your ideal playstyle. So, let’s get to it: here are all three FL4K skill trees in Borderlands 3.

The Borderlands 3 FL4K skill trees are:



  • Self-Repairing System: FL4K’s maximum health is increased, and they constantly regenerate health.
  • Sic ‘Em (3): Attack command has lowered cooldown and increased damage
  • Furious Attack (5): Hunter skill. After shooting an enemy, FL4K gains a stack of Furious Attack. For each stack of Furious Attack, FL4K’s handling and gun damage are increased. Stacks decay after a few seconds
  • Eager to Impress (5): Kill skill. Whenever FL4K kills an enemy, action skill cooldown time is reduced. Whenever FL4K’s pet kills an enemy, action skill cooldown time is reduced even more and attack command’s cooldown is refreshed
  • All My BFF’s (3): Allies share a portion of FL4K’s total health regeneration. FL4K’s pet shares twice the amount of health regeneration
  • Overclocked (5): FL4K gains increased fire rate. FL4K gains increases fire rate after reloading
  • Lick the Wounds: When FL4K is in Fight for Your Life, their pet will attempt to revive them
  • Turn Tail and Run (3): While moving, FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains damage reduction. While still, FL4K gains gun damage and fire rate
  • Hidden Machine (5): When an enemy has no target or is attacking a different target, FL4K deals increased damage against them
  • The Fast and the Furryous (3): While above health, FL4K’s gun damage and movement speed are increased
  • Rage and Recover (5): Kill skill. After killing an enemy, FL4K and FL4K’s pet regenerate health for a few seconds
  • The Power Inside: FL4K and FL4K’s pet gain increased damage when FL4K activates an action skill. If FL4K is at full health, the increased damage is doubled

Action skills and augments:

  • Jabber Sidekick: FL4K is joined by a loyal Jabber companion, armed with a pistol. While accompanied by the Jabber, FL4K’s movement speed is increased. Hold ‘F’ to issue an attack command, which will cause the Jabber to throw a radiation barrel at enemies
  • Fade Away: FL4K cloaks, turning invisible. FL4K can fire three shots while cloaked, and each shot is automatically a critical hit. While cloaked, FL4K has increased movement speed and health regeneration
  • Guerrillas in the Mist: Fade Away no longer ends after FL4K attacks, at the cost of critical hit damage and Fade Away duration being reduced
  • Not My Circus: After Fade Away ends, FL4K’s pet will taunt, drawing the attention of all enemies in a huge radius. For a few seconds after taunting, the pet gains powerful damage reduction
  • Beefcake Jabber: FL4K’s Jabber evolves into a Beefcake, discarding its pistol and equipping a shotgun. While accompanied by the Beefcake, FL4K gains increased movement speed and maximum health. When FL4K issues an attack command, the Beefcake will summon a melee weapon to deliver a powerful attack that knocks enemies back.
  • Gunslinger Jabber: FL4K’s Jabber upgrades his gear and equips an SMG. While accompanied by the Gunslinger, FL4K gains increased movement speed and critical hit damage. When FL4K issues an attack command, the Gunslinger equips a rocket launcher to attack the target
  • Until You Are Dead: The health regeneration and movement speed of Fade Away persists for a short time after the skill has ended
  • Unblinking Eye: Successive hits on the same target increase FL4K’s critical damage per hit. Unblinking Eye resets every three hits
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  • Interplanetary Stalker (5): Hunter kill skill. Whenever FL4K kills an enemy, they gain a stack of Interplanetary Stalker. For each stack of Interplanetary Stalker, they gain a bonus to all damage dealt. Additionally, they gain a unique stacking bonus depending on the type of enemy killed. Each unique bonus can stack up to three times. Each stack decays after a short time.
  • Leave No Trace (3): When FL4K scores a critical hit, there is a chance for one ammo to be added to their magazine
  • Second Intention (5): Hunter kill skill. Whenever FL4K kills an enemy, they gain increased reload speed. This bonus is increased if FL4K scores a critical kill
  • Ambush Predator (5): While there are no enemies nearby, FL4K’s weapon handling and critical hit damage are increased
  • Head Count (3): Whenever FL4K scores a critical hit, there is a chance their action skill cooldown is reduced
  • Hunter’s Eye (5): FL4K gains bonuses when fighting different types of enemies
  • Two F4ng (5): FL4K has a chance to fire an extra projectile per shot
  • The Most Dangerous Game (3): Hunter kill skill. Whenever FL4K kills a Badass or stronger enemy, they gain increased critical hit damage, gun damage, and handling for a long time. Additionally, they receive a cash reward from the Intergalactic Bureau of Bounty Hunting
  • Big Game (3): FL4K’s hunter skills become much more effective and have a longer duration
  • Galactic Shadow: FL4K deals increased critical hit damage, and enemies are less likely to attack them
  • Grim Harvest (5): FL4K gains increased gun damage and action skill damage
  • Megavore: FL4K gains a chance to score a critical hit with weapons against any part of enemies

Actions skills and augments:

  • Spiderant Centurion: FL4K is joined by a loyal Spiderant companion, which will cause FL4K to constantly regenerate health. Hold ‘F’ to issue an attack command, which will cause the Spiderant to charge into enemies
  • Rakk Attack: FL4K sends forward two Rakk to dive-bomb enemies. This skill has multiple charges
  • Rakk Open a Cold One: Converts FL4K’s Rakk to cryo damage
  • Falconer’s Feast: When FL4K’s Rakk damage an enemy, a portion of FL4K’s health is restored
  • Spiderant Scorcher: FL4K’s Spiderant evolves into a Scorcher, occasionally dealing incendiary damage to all enemies nearby. While accompanied by the Scorcher, FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains elemental resistance. When FL4K issues an attack command, the Scorcher will charge enemies
  • Spiderant Countless: FL4K’s Spiderant evolves into a Countess, which will cause FL4K to constantly regenerate health and gain damage reduction. When FL4K issues an attack command, the Countess will burrow underground and then emerge dealing corrosive damage in an area
  • Flock ‘N’ Load: FL4K sends forward an additional Rakk
  • Rakkcelerate: FL4K’s Rakk have increased cooldown rate, and gain an additional charge
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  • Ferocity (5): FL4K’s pet deals increased damage
  • Persistence Hunter (3): Increases FL4K’s gun damage and action skill duration
  • Go For the Eyes (5): When FL4K’s pet attacks an enemy, the first melee attack is an automatic critical hit that deals increased damage
  • Frenzy (5): Hunter skill. When FL4K’s pet deals damage, FL4K and their pet gain a stack of Frenzy. Each stack of Frenzy increases damage. The stacks decay after a few seconds
  • He Bites! (3): When FL4K’s pet takes damage, the pet returns some of that damage to the attacker
  • Who Rescued Who? (5): Whenever FL4K’s pet deal damage, FL4K regenerates health for a few seconds. Whenever FL4K deals damage to an enemy, their pet’s health is restored for a portion of the damage dealt
  • Psycho Head on a Stick: Hunter kill skill. Whenever FL4K kills an enemy, their pet gains increased movement speed and damage for a few seconds
  • Hive Mind (3): When FL4K takes damage, a portion of all damage they take is shared to their pet instead
  • Mutated Defenses: When FL4K’s pet is at low health, it gains damage reduction and regenerates health. This skill has a long cooldown
  • Barbaric Yawp (5): Increases the power of pet bonuses granted to FL4K
  • Pack Tactics (3): All damage dealt by FL4K and their pet is increased. Additionally, the maximum health of both FL4K and their pet is increased
  • Shared Spirit: While FL4K is at low health, a portion of all damage they take is shared to their pet instead
  • Dominance: Melee override skill. FL4K establishes dominance over an enemy, turning it into an ally for a short time. If the enemy is a beast, the duration is doubled. While under the effects of Dominance, the target constantly loses health until it dies or the effect ends. Only one enemy can be dominated at a time. An enemy can only be dominated at once

Actions skills and augments:

  • Guard Skag: FL4K is joined by a loyal Skag companion, which will increase FL4K’s damage. Hold ‘F’ to issue an attack command, which will cause the Skag to vomit acid onto enemies
  • Gamma Burst: FL4K creates a rift at a target location, teleporting their pet through the rift and dealing radiation damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, FL4K’s pet becomes irradiated, growing in size and dealing bonus radiation damage when it attacks. Using Gamma Burst while FL4K’s pet is downed or dead will revive the pet at the targeted location with 30% of its health, but will double action skill cooldown time
  • Atomic Aroma: While Gamma Burst is active, FL4K’s pet is surrounded by a Radiation Aura, constantly damaging all nearby enemies
  • Empathic Rage: For the duration of Gamma Burst, damage dealt by FL4K is increased
  • Great Horned Skag: FL4K’s Skag evolves into a larger, Great Horned Skag which will increase FL4K’s damage and gun damage. When FL4K issues an attack command, the Great Horned Skag will charge at enemies and knock them into the air
  • Eridian Skag: FL4K’s Skag evolves into an Eridian Skag, which will increase FL4K’s damage and fire rate. When FL4K issues an attack command, their Eridian Skag pulls nearby enemies in by generating a singularity
  • Endurance: When FL4K or FL4K’s pet kills an enemy while Gamma Burst is active, the duration of Gamma Burst is extended and pet damage is increased. These effects can stack up to five times
  • Burst Aid: After using Gamma Burst, the rift remains for the duration of the skill. While standing near the rift, FL4K and their allies rapidly regenerate health

And there you go, all the deliciously dominant skills you can tinker with once the third era of shoot-and-loot descends later this year. Of course, you have three other options when it comes to playable characters, including the Borderlands 3 Moze skill trees, and the multifarious Zane skills in Borderlands 3.

And then, rounding out your roster of Vault Hunters is your Siren, so here are your three Borderlands 3 Amara skill trees. Now that all of your character trees are available for you to peruse, formulating your best builds is a great way of whiling away the hours until the game’s impending release date. But, if you come across the Beastmaster before then, make sure you check if it’s ok before you try and pet them. Just saying.

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