Borderlands 3 fans are already asking Gearbox for a performance patch

Some players say that Borderlands 3 is struggling, even on powerful PCs

Borderlands 3 finally arrived last night, but while it’s nice to finally get that sweet, sweet nostalgia hit after years of waiting, it would seem that the launch hasn’t gone smoothly for everyone involved.

In the wake of the game’s release, fans took to the game’s official subreddit, complaining of low frame rates and “crazy visual lag.” The Borderlands 3 system requirements aren’t exactly easy to overcome, but even players boasting some pretty impressive rigs say they’re having trouble getting the game running smoothly all the time. The obvious solution there, of course, is to whack down your graphics settings. While turning everything to ‘low’ is one potential fix, it’s far from ideal. Borderlands 3 is a pretty game, and it seems a waste to ignore that.

If you have not downloaded the game yet, make sure your Epic Games store client is up to date, as when I started playing this morning, I found myself held back by a mysterious error screen until I restarted the storefront.

There’s been no official word from Gearbox on the issues just yet, but in the Reddit thread mentioned above, plenty of players are calling on the studio to issue a performance patch to help out with their issues.

If you’re diving into Borderlands 3 over the weekend, check out the Amara skill tree if you’re opting for the Siren class, or the Moze skill tree if you want to take the driving seat in Iron Bear.