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Borderlands 3 Gettleburger farming guide: where to find the rare burger gun

Feast your eyes on the Gettleburger rocket launcher in Borderlands 3, here’s how to get it

Borderlands 3 Gettleburger rocket launcher

Looking for the Gettleburger rocket launcher in Borderlands 3? The good news is this blue rarity gun isn’t a random loot drop, unlike some of the Borderlands 3 legendary guns, and can be earned by completing a couple of side quests quite early on in the campaign once you’ve unlocked the planet Promethea.

The corrosive rocket launcher with its beautiful animated burger skin is tough to earn, but a juicy reward nonetheless. It’s highly effective at shredding armour, and instead of firing rockets, it fires burgers. It can be found early on in the game, so it’s worth completing these side missions to unlock this burger beast.

These exploding burgers are tough to swallow as the red text reads ‘Dayum, Dayum! DAYUM!’, its splash damage radius is +130, which you can see as the burgers ricochet off enemies and splatter in the air. There’s a few side missions to grind for the Gettleburger rocket launcher, so here’s how to find the burger gun in Borderlands 3 and fry enemies with some meaty rounds.

Borderlands 3 Gettleburger Stats

Attribute Stats
Damage 70
Accuracy 38%
Handling 51%
Reload time 4.1s
Fire rate 2.00/s
Magazine size 6
Red text Dayum. Dayum! DAYUM!
Extra effects Highly effective vs. Armor

How to find the Gettleburger rocket launcher in Borderlands 3

You won’t be able to access this launcher until you’ve opened Sanctuary through the main campaign and can unlock other planets. The Gettleburger rocket launcher is found on the first planet you can visit, Promethea. Once on Promethea, you’ll be launched into a main mission, unlocking different locations and advancing the campaign. When you take a moments breather between the main campaign, some side quests will open up, including one called Rise and Grind for Lorelei.

This mission is long and slightly tedious in places. It involves getting a grouchy, tired Lorelei a cup of coffee, and pivots on the joke that we’re all fueled by caffeine and need a fix. Once completed, another side mission unlocks for Lorelei called Dynasty Diner. This mission can be found in Meridian Metroplex and you’ll need to talk to a guy named Beau to receive instructions on how to get the diner up and running. Again, the mission is lengthy and involves clearing out waves of enemies across the map until finally you’re rewarded with the Dynasty Meal that you can hand back to Lorelei to complete the mission, and she’ll hand over the gun.

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