Borderlands 3 and the Director’s Cut DLC are in February’s Humble Choice bundle

This month's selection also includes strategy game Per Aspera and some spooky adventures

Borderlands 3's Director's Cut introduces a new, nasty raid boss.

This month’s Humble Choice bundle includes another healthy selection of games that range from quirky indie games to one of the biggest FPS games of the past few years. Borderlands 3 is the headliner for February’s bundle, and it comes with the Director’s Cut expansion for even more co-op mayhem.

The Director’s Cut is, as you might expect, even more Borderlands 3. It also adds a whole new tier of loot rewards. With the Director’s Cut, you can pick up special diamond keys that open an entire loot armoury, located beneath the bridge of your ship, the Sanctuary III. Once inside, you have a limited time to pick an exceptional piece of gear off each wall.

February’s Humble Choice bundle also includes Martian city-builder Per Aspera, which casts you as a lone AI charged with making the Red Planet habitable for human beings. You’ll eventually have to manage the entire planet, while also keeping an eye on the state of your AI – who gradually starts to feel a creeping anxiety about the scale of the task before her. Check out our Per Aspera review to learn more.

Rounding out the February Choice bundle are Black Book, Just Die Already, Before We Leave, Paradise Lost, Everhood, and Calico. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially considering the fact that Humble recently reduced the price on its monthly subscription, and unveiled its own bespoke games launcher as well. All of the games in the February bundle can be redeemed on Steam.

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