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The first Borderlands 3 patch notes fix that busted Killavolt boss fight

Borderlands 3 gets its first big patch today, and you know what means: it’s time for patch notes! Today’s list includes a broad range of bug fixes, UI improvements, and performance tweaks, but perhaps the most important detail is that it’s totally not just you: that boss fight against Killavolt is in fact broken.

The fight against Killavolt – the culmination of a set of battle royale sidequests with the promise-slash-threat of “sex stuff” – takes place in an arena with a set of electric floor tiles. Naturally, you take damage when those floor tiles are electrified, but certain attacks would leave the entire floor activated – thus, you had no way to escape. The devs say “oops,” and have fixed it.

There are also a bunch of performance fixes here. On PC, the game will now do less texture streaming while you’re aiming down sights, and more generally a set of hitches are getting fixed which were tied to the size of your friends list. We’ve also got everyone’s favourite “general stability improvements.”

There’s a lot of minutiae in the remained of the notes – which you can see on the official site – but I rather like the fact that vending machines will now automatically sort items by rarity, so you can get to the good stuff more easily.

Borderlands 3 sales have been pretty astounding, and it seems that the game’s Epic exclusivity hasn’t slowed down interest on PC by any meaningful margin.

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