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Skip the grind with this Borderlands 3 mod granting infinite money

Worrying about ammo or money might not be your style, so check out this mod for Borderlands 3

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There’s now a Borderlands 3 mod that grants you limitless money, ammo and shields. FLiNG’s Trainer mod is available to help you succeed in your wildest Borderlands dreams, adding in teleportation, super speed, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

The current version of the mod allows a tonne of typically useful customisation – fantastic if you’re the type of player who can’t be bothered with reloading, ammo deficiencies, running out of eridium, or recoil. If none of that bothers you this mod may be able to offer you a few other game changers. Your favourite gun overheating? This mod can sort that out. Your aim always just a little off? Yeah, don’t worry, happens to the best/worst of us, this mod can give you super accuracy. Rapid fire, one-hit kills, super speed, slow speed – FLiNG’s trainer can do any of that and more. Even before you’ve downloaded the thing you’re reassured by a body of text so flavourful it could almost be script for a number of Borderlands 3 characters – annoyingly exuberant language included.

Do you just want to get rid of the annoying ‘go use your unspent skill points message’? Doing so just requires the ‘learn skills without skill points’ part of the mod and you’re good to go. It’s a pleasant surprise that these things have been picked up so quickly by the Borderlands community as helpful improvements.

Included on the site is also a list of explanations detailing the specifications and how the mods will interact with your weapons, health, shields and more. As an example, editing your eridium will require you to have at least one eridium to begin with, and the same applies to golden keys. It’s also worth noting some interacts aren’t perhaps ideal. The one-shot kill ability strangely includes the potential to obliterate your vehicle, so bare that in mind.

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Without throwing any (cell)shade, as with all mod downloads, they come with a risk to your PC etc, however if this looks like a mod you’re interested in downloading, or even just looking at the full list of capabilities, you can do so here.

Despite Borderlands 3 landing only a week ago, it’s exciting that we’re already seeing mods taking the game to another level. It’s hopefully a sign we’ll be seeing more in the near future.