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Borderlands 3 release times – here’s when you can play on PC

Borderlands 3

After years of waiting, Borderlands 3 launches later this month. Now, Gearbox has detailed the release times for the loot shooter, and while the console versions will have a rolling worldwide launch from region to region, PC will feature a single global release time of “midnight in London.” Oh, and you’re going to be able to pre-load on the Epic Games store after all.

More precisely, Borderlands 3 will launch on the Epic store on September 12 at 16:00 PDT / 19:00 EDT, or September 13 at 00:00 BST / 9:00 AEST. (You can see a full map of worldwide times on the official site.) The game’s got a slightly shorter exclusivity period than many other Epic titles – if you’re looking for Borderlands 3 Steam release, you’ll find it about six months from now.

You’ll also be able to pre-load Borderlands 3 “roughly 48 hours” before the launch time in your region, and Gearbox has explicitly specified that this includes PC. That’s in contrast Epic boss Tim Sweeney’s tweet a few weeks ago that said “we won’t have support for pre-loading in the Borderlands release timeframe.”

Epic’s feature roadmap has been weird over the past month, to say the least. Some features have gotten pushed back, while pre-loads are apparently happening ahead of schedule, and the company has recently revised its Trello board to remove any specific dates.

The store will, at a minimum, deliver access to the latest entry in Gearbox’s most popular series on the Borderlands 3 release date. As always, you can follow that link for plenty of detail on what to expect when the game (finally) launches next week.

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