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Borderlands 3 loses 93% of its Twitch viewership in two weeks

Borderlands 3's Twitch viewership has dipped pretty steeply since launch


Now that Gearbox’s RPG shooter Borderlands 3 has been out for a couple of weeks, we’ve got a rough idea of how many players have been getting their teeth into it. It had a pretty big launch, doubling Borderlands 2’s peak player count on PC on launch day, and selling more than five million copies in its first five days. However, it looks like Borderlands 3’s viewership on Twitch has seen quite a dip since its release – it’s dropped 93%.

According to videogame statistics site GitHyp, Borderlands 3 shot to the number one spot on the streaming platform on its release day, hitting a peak concurrent viewership of 205k viewers. However, in the two weeks since, those figures have seen quite a sharp decline – the site reports that the game’s now averaging 8.6k concurrent viewers each hour, making a drop of 93%.

We don’t have any specific figures on Borderlands 3’s player count from Gearbox as yet, so whether it’s just Twitch viewership that has seen a dip, or whether the number of players getting stuck into the game could also have decreased to some degree is unknown at this time. GitHyp reports that there’s some speculation that peak concurrent player counts on the Epic Games Store could have been around the 150-200k mark, but again, this isn’t confirmed.

The game is currently only available on the Epic Game Store for PC players, but it looks like it could arrive on Valve’s platform Steam next year, in April 2020, so it’s possible that Twitch viewership could shoot up again at that time.

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