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Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs: locations for every Typhon Log in the game

While most of these are easy to find, tracking down all of these audio logs can be a frustrating slog

borderlands 3 typhon logs

Looking for all of the Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs? There is a frankly terrifying number of collectables to acquire as you loot and slay your way across the various Borderlands 3 planets. Of all the different map markers though, it’s the seemingly easy to find Typhon Logs that will cause you the most pain and heartache as you attempt to 100% Gearbox’s latest. Most map areas boast three of these tapes, but at least one of them is hidden off the beaten path, sometimes even requiring some parkour skills to reach.

We’ve been tracking down Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio stations, and all the Borderlands 3 dead Claptraps, but it’s the sheer volume of Typhon Logs in Borderlands 3 that’s proven so tricky to stay on top of.

On the plus side, whenever you complete all three Typhon Logs in a single area you’ll also be granted access to the area’s Typhon Dead Drop, which is a high-grade loot chest. Plus, the audio logs themselves make for good listening material, as legendary Vault Hunter Typhon de Leon recalls his adventures across the galaxies.

We’ve finally managed to track down every single one of these so enjoy the complete list of every audio recording below.

Here’s where to find the Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs:

typhon logs in borderlands 3

Droughts 1

This one is overlooking the Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunt location, by a bus and some giant monster bones.

typhon logs in borderlands 3 droughts 2

Droughts 2

Search for this at the Dahl Orbital Control site, it’s not inside the dome, but overlooking some other Bandit buildings by a railing.

typhon log droughts 3

Droughts 3

Next to the Eridian dig site there’s a Skag nest. Look for a large hill with a yellow Typhon Log on top of it.

ascension bluff typhon 1

Ascension Bluff 1

Found in the western area from main spawn, on a cliff looking out onto a Rakk cave.

typhon logs in borderlands 3 ascension 2

Ascension Bluff 2

You should spot a large billboard en route to taking down Mouthpiece, search the area and you should see this Typhon Log.

typhon logs in borderlands 3 ascension 3

Ascension Bluff 3

Another Typhon Log located near a hunting site. Heading away from the main spawn keep to the right after passing the Legendary Hunt and you should spot this Typhon Log on the edge of a steep cliff.

outskirts meridian typhon 1

Meridian Outskirts 1

Hidden in plain sight, this Typhon Log is in a gap in a massive pylon jutting out of some concrete.

meridian outskirts typhon log 2

Meridian Outskirts 2

Near one of the exits from Meridian Outskirts, this is tucked away in just off the main spillway path next to a couple of crates.

meridian outskirts typhon log 3


This is the easiest to find – it’s on the shanty town built beneath a freeway bridge. You’ll have to carefully drop down to it, but it’s easy to spot.


Meridian Metroplex 1

Overlooking the city in the busy shopping district.


Meridian Metroplex 2

On the balcony above the Rise and Grind Coffee Shop vehicle spawner.


Meridian Metroplex 3

On the approach to Atlas HQ.


Lectra City 1

There’s a little platforming puzzle to access this one – simply grapple up one ledge, then jump onto the railing and aim for the rather obvious gap in the railing above.


Lectra City 2

On an overlook of the powerplant with Killavolt’s initials scribbled across it.


Lectra City 3

On a dock in the area where you face Trudy – you’ll need to make a simple jump across a crate and onto a crane.


Atlas HQ 1

This is in the turret battle section. Keep up high on the balcony and head to the right side and all the way along to find this Typhon Log.


Atlas HQ 2

In the first section of Atlas HQ you need to go all the way around the garden, upstairs, and then all the way back over to the other side.


Atlas HQ 3

Search inside the Skunkworks Lab to uncover this audio snippet. It’s on the upper floor of the strip mall section of Atlas HQ.


Skywell-27 1

Look for the Observation Deck area. This is near a assassination target and a massive fight, so stay on your toes. After running through the red-lit door turn left and look for a ladder. Climb up and follow the simple jumping path.


Skywell-27 2

When you first spot the giant laser beam, head left along the rocky path and you’ll see the Typhon Log looking over the laser.


Skywell-27 3

Easy to find shortly after arriving. Once you run through a section full of industrial trappings like pipes, metal grates, and sealed doors you should be facing a broken metal path. Jump down and look for a building to the left. Follow the stairs up and you should find the log easily enough.


Neon Arterial 1

This is just before leaving the area, in a cave full of Borderlands 3 Eridium. Just look for a path to the left and follow it.


Neon Arterial 2

This is pretty much immediately left after entering the area for the first time.


Neon Arterial 3

This is in a large area with plenty of enemies, so clear them out first, then search the borders of the arena for this Typhon Log. It’s in some long grass with lots of rubble nearby.


Athenas 1

Search the first openish area you come across. There are plenty of buildings and the Typhon Log is on the roof of one to the left of the main path. You have to do a little tiny bit of parkour to reach it, but it’s easy.


Athenas 2

Search around the perimeter of the graveyard section.


Athenas 3

Easiest of the lot, just follow the main campaign in Athenas and you should spot this in the water to the left.


Floodmoor Basin 1

This one is quite far off the beaten track in the Primeval Preserve, just follow the map marker above and you should have no trouble spotting it overlooking a valley.


Floodmoor Basin 2

In the swampy basin of Floodmoor Basin, you can find this by what looks like a lumberyard. It’s on the first level of one of the cargo rails.


Floodmoor Basin 3

On an overlook near the spillway, adjacent to a statue.


Jakobs Estate 1

Located in Leery Hamlet, and easy to spot in-game.


Jakobs Estate 2

Once you battle the Borderlands 3 anointed foe, you should look around the theatre for this Typhon Log.


Jakobs Estate 3

After going up the gondola explore the outside area before heading inside and you should spy this log.


Voracious Canopy 1

If you pursue the side quest in this area then this log is in the science outpost with the thunder dome-style building in it.


Voracious Canopy 2

Find this audio snippet near the first one, just locate a small overgrown path and explore it.



This one takes some digging and thorough checking as the ship is very maze-like. Keep exploring every nook and you should eventually stumble upon this bedroom.

ambermire typhon log 1

Ambermire 1

Easy to spot by a large plant and just before you enter a small village.

ambermire typhon logs 2

Ambermire 2

Close to a fast travel point and close to a wooden platform overlooking a clearing.

ambermire typhon logs 3

Ambermire 3

Next to a hoisted up net.

Blackbarrel Cellars typhon logs 1

Blackbarrel Cellars 1

In the second open room of this section, look to the left as you enter.

Blackbarrel Cellars typhon logs 2

Blackbarrel Cellars 2

Fourth large room you enter this time. Again you need to head left after entering and look for a bathroom.

Blackbarrel Cellars typhon logs 3

Blackbarrel Cellars 3

On the right side of the main garden and inside a large greenhouse. Look for a ladder on the right side of the first room you enter. Climb it and follow the gantry.

devils razor typhon logs 1

Devil’s Razor 1

Left from the fast travel spot. Follow the cliff all the way around until you spot a series of shipping containers on stilts. Climb up and you’ll find this at the Typhon Log end.

devils razor typhon logs 2

Devil’s Razor 2

Near the rock island, just keep going to the Lonely Pillar overlook.

devils razor typhon logs 3

Devil’s Razor 3

On an overlook with a view of a massive radar dish.

splinterlands typhon logs 1

Splinterlands 1

Head to the rollercoaster park, ride the coaster and you should spot it from the top.

splinterlands typohn logs 2

Splinterlands 2

Pretty much straight down from the first fast travel point, on a rock overlook near a radio station mast.

borderlands 3 typhon logs splinterlands 3

Splinterlands 3

This is super tricky to get to as it requires some jumping. You can either try and mantle a pipeline and follow it over the fence, or mantle up some cliffs, onto the metal barn, across to the water town, and down over the fence. Follow the path from here and you should find this Typhon Log with ease.


Carnivora 1

In the area where you fight a lot of Tinks underground, look around the right side of the area as you enter.

Carnivora 2

After clearing out the first area of the map you need to head through the metal gates and keep going until you reach the Stacked Deck area. Head right and you should spot this.


Carnivora 3

Don’t worry about grabbing this until you’ve cleared the Guts of Carnivora section. Then simply run through the area, grab a vehicle, and drive to this spot on the map – the Typhon Log is easy to find.


Konrad’s Hold 1

This one is just on the right side on the edge of a cliff as you battle through the opening areas of Konrad’s Hold.


Konrad’s Hold 2

You’ll find this after dropping down through an elevator shaft, it’s on the main campaign path so you can’t really miss it.


Konrad’s Hold 3

This one is in a large varkid nest. As you enter the room, look for a large silver vent with a destroyed car adjacent to it. Climb up onto the vent, then up to the vent below the gantry, and finally leap to the gantry from here.


Cathedral of the Twin Gods 1

Look for a tiny path to the right, shortly after you pass the massive monster skeleton. There’s a small jump to make signalled by yellow paint, but you should spot it pretty easily once up the path.


Cathedral of the Twin Gods 2

Just before you enter the facility itself, stop by the fast travel point and look over the cliff. You should spot a walkway beneath you with a Typhon Log on it, so jump down and give it a listen.

typhon logs cathedral of the twin gods 3

Cathedral of the Twin Gods 3

As you enter the first major battle area, turn left and look for a partially closed garage door you can slide under. Follow the path up top and listen to the Typhon Log.

desolation's edge typhon log 1

Desolation’s Edge 1

You should uncover this while running through the main campaign, but if not just search every avenue of Typhon’s cave and you’ll see this overlooking the vault.

desolations edge typhon log 2

Desolation’s Edge 2

Either head left out of Typhon’s cave, or head to this point on the map from the centre of Desolation’s Edge and awkwardly mantle up.

desolations edge typhon log 3

Desolation’s Edge 3

You’ll have to battle some guardians in this area, then head right from the entrance and perform a running jump to reach this at the very back of the area.

borderlands 3 typhon logs tazendeer ruins 1

Tazendeer Ruins 1

Once you emerge in the area with multiple waterfalls called Charnel Keep, jump across to the overlook and you’ll find a Typhon Log.


Tazendeer Ruins 2

You can jump down from Charnel Keep to access this quickly. You need to clear out the area of Maliwan and then look for a shack at the edge, the Typhon Log is inside.


Tazendeer Ruins 3

This is in the Vault of the Serpent, which you’ll visit as part of the main campaign, so just grab it then.

Those are all of the Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs in the game. We’re pretty exhausted after that and may have to go some relaxing games instead of this looter shooter.