Borderlands PC multiplayer drops Gamespy, will add Steamworks

Borderlands multiplayer steamworks gamespy

When Gamespy’s servers shutdown in May a lot of older games were left stranded without multiplayer support, Borderlands included. Since then the only way to play Borderlands online was through third party software, like GameRanger.

Last night 2K announced plans to release a tool that strips out Borderlands’ Gamespy dependency and replaces it with Steamworks.

The update is a two-stage process. Last night Borderlands was “updated to include a ‘Message of the Day’ feed at the top of the main menu,” write Gearbox. “Borderlands players on Steam will receive this update automatically, and do not need to take further action. Seeing the Message of the Day screen in-game is the first sign that you’re ready for the GameSpy conversion, once it rolls out later in the summer. This second update will download automatically as soon as it’s ready to launch.”

If you didn’t buy Borderlands through Steam then you needn’t worry as you can still install the Granting Tool through Steam. Once you install Steam you’ll find it under the Tools tab.

Further instructions can be found on 2K’s help page.

If you want to get into a Borderlands multiplayer match sonner than “later in the summer” then you chould install GameRanger. CreatorScott Kevill’s been adding games like Borderlands to his server support solution for years and it works incredibly well, in some cases improving on the original game.