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Breach and Clear: Deadline out today, think Frozen Synapse vs. Zombies

Commandos vs zombies

I like my zombie-apocalypse games like I like my lip balm: dark and tactical (sorry, I just love the Dude Stick Kickstarter so much). So Breach & Clear: Deadline is pretty much tailor-made for wannabe survivalist commandos like me. It’s a squad-tactics game with a Frozen Synapse-style orders system that pits your team of elite soldiers against the zombie horde in the ruins of a city.

It’s out today, and it has a new trailer to boot.

I played a little bit of Deadline at PAX East and was intrigued by what I saw, though the interface was a little clunky and the character models a little bland. Just like in zombie opus Left 4 Dead, crowd-control is the name of the game in Deadline. Your squad packs a ton of firepower, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and cornered by the sheer numbers of the enemy.

It also looks like you’ve got some good old-fashioned post-societal collapse elements going on, like gangs of armed mercenaries who will put up a stiffer fight than mindless shamblers.

Seems like it might be neat.

Breach and Clear: Deadline is available for just over $13 on Steam as part of a launch promotion that expires July 27.