Grab one of these 10,000 Steam keys for myth-based competitive RPG Breach!

Four mages try to get through a dungeon that's occupied by the Veil Demon - controlled by another player


Breach is both a co-op and a competitive third-person action-RPG. Yeah that’s right. It pits four players against one – though it can be played solo, too. A team of human mages are up against a Veil Demon. What in the fresh hell is that? The Veil Demon is a malevolent spirit that can conjure traps, elite monsters, and use powers such as possessing the mages to complete its terrible mission.

You want to be the Veil Demon. Obviously. But to do that you need to buy into Breach’s Early Access Pass first. The game will eventually be free-to-play but you can help get it there by funding development now. Unless, that is, you grab one of the 10,000 Steam keys we have that grant instant access to Breach. You can at least help to shape it with your feedback, then.

Developer QC Games is slowly adding more classes, enemies, maps, and modes to Breach. But there’s already plenty to play in there. It starts with the open class system, which lets you freely move skills between character builds. The Veil Demon even has six different classes to tweak and twiddle.

What this means is you can find your preferred way to play and then master it. If you love deadly combos you’re good. Laying traps? No problem. Spell spammers, yes, even you’re catered to here.

Other appealing factors of Breach is that it makes dungeon crawling quick and unpredictable. You don’t know what the Veil Demon is going to do because it’s controlled by another player.

Right then, you can grab one of the 10,000 Steam keys we have for Breach through the widget below. Just complete one of the actions and you should get a code – bear in mind that it’s first come, first served.

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Breach giveaway

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