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Breakaway will be the first title from Amazon Game Studios, unveiled at TwitchCon next week

Amazon Lumberyard graveyard

Amazon are teasing the unveil of their first game from the aptly-named Amazon Game Studios, which is planned to be revealed during TwitchCon next week. 

That’ll be another one for the upcoming PC games list. 

The Twitch channel is now live for Breakaway, one of the games Amazon will unveil at their Unboxing Event on Thursday, September 29 in San Diego. When I say live, I mean there’s a feed of an empty room and a countdown clock, but that’s more substance than we get with most announcements of announcements.

We don’t really know much besides that, but it’ll probably be created using Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine. It’s very CryEngine and it’s very pretty.

We also know Breakaway will be the first game from the studio, though there’s a chance more could be revealed at the event. Either way, Amazon say they’ll be doing a “deep dive” into Breakaway on September 29, so expect more than an empty conference room.