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Breaking Bad’s Gustavo Fring breaks cover to promote Payday 2 DLC

Payday 2

In The Big Bank Heist, respected Danish-American actor Giancarlo Esposito will play The Dentist – a new contact for Payday 2’s next DLC, due for release on June 17.

Yes, perhaps he once played a distinctive villain in a widely-watched US TV show. But the fact that both characters keep track of their associates via a comprehensive CCTV network is simply remarkable accident.

And that distinctive slide guitar in the trailer? Definitely not a riff on the Breaking Bad theme. No sir.

The dentist’s is quite an evocative environment, isn’t it? Watching this trailer, you can practically smell the latex gloves; feel the gentle disorientation of the automatic chair.

Your mileage may vary according to your liking for hard-boiled dialogue, but it’s really very good.

The Dentist and Fring have more in common than just a face: they share a fondness for good planning and a quiet, firm hand.

He’ll do nicely as the catalyst for Payday 2’s next four pieces of DLC – The Big Bank in two weeks’ time, but also the Hoxton Breakout, The Diamond, and The Golden Grin Casino later this year.

Has the introduction of Battlefield Hardline diminished your interest in 505 Games’ brand of cops and robbers at all?

Cheers, Eurogamer.