Your pants are your power in multiplayer brawler Brief Battles


In the continuing absence of a pre-eminent Super Smash Bros. clone on PC, indie devs Juicy Cupcake present Brief Battles: a platform fighting game in which, as in life, your underwear is the key to dominance.

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You’ll select one of several cute, stylised heroes and kick butt in 2D platform-based arenas. There are a rich variety of environments, each with vibrant visuals, and appropriate hazards and interactive elements.

The whole underpants thing runs through the game from end-to-end. Powerups take the form of superpowered underpants, including flame-charged hot pants, toxic tighty whities, and ‘buns of steel’. Even the game modes are themed accordingly, but Juicy Cupcake are keeping the details tucked away for now.

Anyone who’s played Smash Bros. on a Nintendo console knows how fun these platform brawlers can be if done right, so keep an eye on this for your whimsical, family-friendly, couch multiplayer needs.

Brief Battles is due for release in the first quarter of next year. You can check out the Greenlight page for more information.