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A brief interruption: help us make PCGamesN better

Um, hi.

Do you mind if we quickly interrupt the free flow of HOT PC gaming news and IMPORTANT information dense blogging to talk a little bit about PCGamesN?

We’re making some changes to the site, and wanted and to discuss what we’re doing, and ask for some feedback…

Everything we do is based around the idea of making PCGamesN more useful and entertaining, and a better place for you to hang out, chat and submit your own links.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that we’ve just changed the way the sidebar down the right hand side of our site looks and feels. We want to be a bit more than an editorial site; we hope that if you hang around PCGamesN, we’ll show you loads of cool stuff about your favourite games. From today – as an example, if you’re reading a Dota 2 story, we’ll show you some links to other Dota 2 stories from other sites online, along with our news and features, and your comments and submissions related to Dota 2.

That’s the first in a vast list of changes that we want to make to the site.

  • We want to put in a forum.
  • We want to make our comments better, with replies, quotes, images and more
  • We want to make much better user profiles for you
  • We want to completely redesign the top bar so it takes up much less space
  • We want editorial posts to look much, much better
  • We want to vastly improve our search engine. We’re aware it’s half-baked
  • We want to build a tool to deliver betas and free stuff to you as efficiently as possible, without faffing around with Facebook or Twitter
  • We want to let you login to our site using Steam, Facebook, Google and/or Twitter

The question is: where should we devote our development time? What do you want us to build first? Let us know in the comments, or if you’re shy, drop us an email at [email protected]

Normal service resumed.

James and Tim