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Brink developers Splash Damage tease new game


Brink wasn’t successful on all counts, and in the all-or-nothing world of competitive multiplayer shooting that usually spells quick death. But it was a fascinating, assured experiment in FPS design with lessons learned from TF2, Mirror’s Edge and Splash Damage’s own Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. For those reasons, it’s probably worth working up a froth about whatever it is the developers are announcing next week.

The Splash Damagehome page currently reads ‘11.29 11:29’, and it doesn’t take a punctuation scholar to hazard at a reveal date around lunchtime next Thursday. The banner links straight to the developers’forums.

Want us to speculate, do you? Go on, then. Fans have already noted that the teaser image’s filename is ‘car_teaser’, so make of that what you will. That rather angular variant on the radiation symbol, meanwhile, bears more than striking resemblance to that ofSplash Damage’s iOS turn-based tactics game, RAD Soldiers:

Perhaps a RAD tie-in is on the menu. Any better ideas?