Broforce is getting a Freedom Update, because America


To celebrate and help raise the international profile of the little known country of “America”, side-scrolling multiplayer shoot ’em up Broforce is getting all new bros, all new melee attacks and, perhaps most importantly of all, the ability to flex at will.

Flex your fingers by checking out the trailer for the new expansion, in which many syllables are replaced with “bro” for comedic effect. Silly, silly, fun, fun. I like it!

Do you get it? The joke is that it’s bros.

The Freedom Update introduces Brocketeer, who fires brockets, and Broheart, the Scottish-American liberator, as well as the newfound ability to organ punch and roundhouse kick your enemies to death. You can also take a contemplative moment to flex your muscular physique in true bro style.

All of this nonsense is available on Steam Early Access, with developer Free Lives knocking a third off the game’s price over the July 4th weekend.