Broken Sword receives Guinness World Record for “longest running graphic adventure protagonist”

Broken Sword Guinness World Record

Broken Sword’s long-serving main characters have now been going at it for so much time that they’re officially the oldest in the business. George Stobbart and Nicole “Nico” Collard have been investigating crimes, finishing puzzles and breaking swords (er, I assume) since 1996, which means they’re either the best looking pair of forty-somethings ever or they started pretty young. Guinness World Records are marking the occasion by giving them a place in the upcoming Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017. Which is a thing that exists because gamers make so many records, obviously.

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The award comes as part of the build up to Revolution’s planned 25th anniversary boxset, which will include all of the Broken Sword games, among others. Presumably it’s happening this year because Guybrush Threepwood first appeared in 1990, and last in 2009’s Tales from Monkey Island, giving him a 19 year reign. Stobbart and Collard have pipped his claim to the prize by continuing through the 2010s. Does he get it back if we get a new Monkey Island game? Will this be the trigger for Disney to revive it, the greed for Gamer Edition Guinness World Records?

Charles Cecil, creator of the series and CEO at Revolution, says that “We are incredibly honoured to receive this award on behalf of George and Nico. They are friends who have grown up with us through thick and thin: they are embedded in the Revolution history. And we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Revolution this year and so the award could not be better timed!”

Someone at id should get Guinness on the phone, Doomguy’s about to have his 23rd anniversary – that must be a record for first person shooters, at least until Wolfenstein’s BJ gets another game. There’s an eternal duel I can get behind.