Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons headed to PC this month


We’re used to having to wait a few months for console timed-exclusives to find their way to us. It’s the equivalent of a first-world-problem for PC players. Normally this news post would sound something like: Starbreeze’s whimsical-looking puzzle game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has been achieving critical success on Xbox and PlayStation recently, and we’ll finally get to play it at Christmas! 

Today we don’t deliver that news story. Instead: Brothers will release on PC on August 28.

I’m not sure how the game’s control scheme will translate onto mouse and keyboard, since the heart of Brothers’ gameplay is controlling each sibling using an analogue stick. This results in the challenge of trying to control one brother using a stick usually reserved for camera control. Trying to manoeuvre them simultaneously is tricky to say the least.

Regardless of how this control challenge makes it to the PC, it’s great to see we’re not being left behind in a cloud of dust. We might not get to experience Brothers at the same time as the 360 bunch, but at least we get it in the same season.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be available on Steam.

Thanks, PC Gamer.