Bugsnax reviews – our roundup of the critics

A lot of people are talkin' about Bugsnax.

Bugsnax is set to launch on November 12 for the budget price of just $24.99 / £17.99, which means reviews are beginning to pour in. It’s finally time to discover whether Bugsnax is much more than a simply amazing song by Kero Kero Bonito. Is the rumour of an island filled with bug-like snacks complete baloney, or is this really the story of a century? Let’s see what the critics had to say about Young Horses’ latest game.

Earning a modest 76 on Opencritic, Bugsnax has established itself a charming game that is much more than the initial reveal trailer led people to believe. Wccftech’s review highlights the catch ’em all aspect of the game, “The hunt for elusive Bugsnax is an interesting tale, requiring the patience of a fisherman and the experience of a Pokemon Snap master”.

The majority of the reviews praised Bugsnax for its charm, specifically focusing on the game’s unique world and characters. Many people expected Bugsnax to be breezy jaunt filled with silliness, but it appears there’s a surprisingly deep story behind the adorable visuals.

Here’s what critics had to say about Bugsnax so far:

Bugsnax appears to be a surprise hit judging by the warm reception from critics. If you’re looking for more indie gems like this one, take a look at more November games that will be arriving later this month.