Bullet Train is Epic’s first big step into the world of VR


It’s only really a proof of concept, but Epic’s latest VR experience demo – from the same studio that made the Showdown VR demo – sure makes the future of this sort of thing look promising. 

The Verge called it “the biggest step Epic has taken into the emerging medium of virtual reality,” and it’s easy to see why. Of all the tailormade VR experiences I’ve seen so far, this comes closest to being a traditional game. You know, the ones where you shoot loads of dudes with guns. You’re not just watching the action unfold, you’re a part of it.

It’s still limited in some ways, with movement restricted to a couple of steps or a scripted teleport, but it hints at the sorts of things that might be possible in the technology’s future.

Using the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch, Bullet Train sets you up on a train that’s about the pull into a very hostile station. You pick up weapons with your hands using the Touch controllers, perform melee strikes, catch rockets, manipulate time and dodge bullets, in a blistering action sequence.

The way it simulates individual hand movement seems really cool, like some sort of 3D lightgun experience. Check out the swish trailer below: