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It looks like a Bulletstorm remaster is being made


Remember Bulletstorm? You know, that underrated shooter that let you pull enemies around, throw them up into the air, kick them over ledges and get points for shooting them straight in the bumhole. Well, it looks like a remaster is being worked on. 

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For whatever reason, it looks like a Bulletstorm remaster was going to be shown at Microsoft's conference, but was pulled. 

Either way, there's still remnants of its existence in a press asset USB uncovered by a Polygon video staffer. Here's his tweet:

Many, myself included, think Bulletstorm was great, so I think this'll go down well once the People Can Fly and Epic shooter remaster has been unveiled.

Yes it was peurile, crass and obnoxious, but how many other games give you extra points for shooting a man in the ass?

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Optimaximal avatarUntoldAv3nGer avatarGlen_Runciter avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Optimaximal Avatar
Optimaximal(9 hours played)
1 Year ago

Bulletstorm with Games for Windows: Live gutted out of it would be good.

Glen_Runciter Avatar
Glen_Runciter(8 hours played)
1 Year ago

oh god, I've finally erased that piece of crap from my memories, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BRING IT ALL BACK?

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Is there not a way to do this already? I recall doing this. Or... was there some kind of multiplayer component that I don't remember? Even if there was, would anyone play Bulletstorm for anything but that? I don't know. Sorry if it's for the multiplayer. But if it isn't then I'm sure there are ways to remove it already.

Edit: Yes, I thought so!

UntoldAv3nGer Avatar
UntoldAv3nGer(6 hours played)
1 Year ago

I could dig this

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Despite not being too much of a shooter fan, I actually loved Bulletstorm. It's not just that it was a brilliant parody, but it was so unashamedly over the top in such ridiculous ways that absolutely nothing about it could be taken seriously. And that's fantastic.

I feel since the '06 Shitfall, we've seen a lot of over-the-top shaming in the push toward realism and fidelity, and the only thing you get these days that's even remotely over-the-top is the glorification of soldiering. But that feels very wrong somehow, tainted, like it's trying to make the worst thing in the world glamorous. It's not fantasy any more. It's not like the '80s, '90s, and early '00s where things were allowed to be X-TREME and that was actually okay. Because we didn't have metal girders up our arses back then, you know?

It echoes how I felt about Trials of the Blood Dragon. Even Doom feels a bit like OTT shaming is going on, like it's a poor man's Bulletstorm. Yeah, I tried playing it and I couldn't get away from that enough to enjoy it. There wasn't nearly enough colour, personality, or... just, I don't know, there wasn't any soul to it. It had no real personality beyond Brutal Doom: Hi-Fidelity Edition and that makes me more than a bit sad. Especially when the original Doom had plenty of personality.

The new Doom feels like someone played a bit of Brutal Doom, watched some Doom mods on Youtube, and ran with what they felt like it was all about rather than actually having a real grasp of it. So the end result is just kind of... bland. And it's not something that's likely to be fixed with mods due to their horrible, locked down system for that.

Bulletstorm honestly felt more like a modern Doom than Doom '16 does. So I welcome its return. I just generally welcome the return of over-the-topness. It's escapism. It's supposed to not be our reality. And developers should be allowed to have fun with that. No shame, just enjoyment.