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Massive new Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles update explained by dev

Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles creator Tomas Sala has shared further details on the Frostpunk style building games' huge new update.

Massive new Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles update explained by dev: An overhead view of an industrial floating city from Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles.

There are plenty of great strategy and building games to check out, with this year alone providing a wealth of options that runs from Manor Lords and Homeworld 3 to survival hybrids like Palworld and more to come soon with Frostpunk 2 and Nova Roma. One of the most refreshing takes on the genre, though, is Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles, an innovative approach to strategy design convention that tosses away unnecessary complexity and presents a unique fantasy world through a lovely visual style. Since it launched earlier this year, creator Tomas Sala has continued working on the project and now its newest update, the upcoming Naval Command, has been explained by Sala in further detail.

Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles is a building game that takes place in a watery post apocalypse where players are tasked with constructing and managing a floating fortress. It sets itself apart from the rest of the genre not just through its look, but also in that it’s meant to offer a more relaxed experience of free form building.

It’s also about to receive a huge new update in what’s currently being dubbed Naval Command by Sala, its solo creator. Through a new Steam post and YouTube video, Sala describes how Naval Command has “been cooking for a while” and changing in response to player feedback such as a complaint that Bulwark’s combat has a “lack of depth.”

To address this, he’s made substantial changes to features such as commander behavior and settings, and added a new mode called Total Conquest where “everybody hates your guts” and there’s “no diplomacy, only war at an increasing level.” There will also be “two perpetual combat zones on the map,” alterations to enemy fortress spawns, a Naval Command building to unlock, a system for purchasing refugee and outpost map locations, and many other minor tweaks described as “[quality of life] stuff galore.”

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