Free games: Maso-core platformer Butcher is free on GOG for 48 hours

Exterminate pesky humans in this bloody hardcore 2D shooter

Hey, remember Abuse? It was a 2D side-scrolling shooter that Bungie published in the ’90s that was all about heavy metal sound effects and shooting many, many xenomorph-style aliens in dank, Giger-inspired factory environments. Butcher is a lot like that, except instead of aliens, you’re gunning for humans on your mission to exterminate them from the face of the earth. In addition to being brutally difficult, it’s also free for the next two days on

Originally released in 2016 by Transhuman Design, Butcher hands you an implement of blood and gore and challenges you to run through levels packed with traps and pesky humans. You’ll have to mow your way through bombed-out cityscapes, jungles, and underground lairs, always on the lookout for opportunities to make kills grosser. Mash your enemies against the wall or kick them into pits of lava – in the world of Butcher, the gorier something is, the better.

Butcher also prides itself on being extremely difficult, with a tagline that reads “The easiest mode is ‘HARD’!”

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Right now, you can get Butcher absolutely free by heading over to and clicking on the giveaway banner at the top of the page. You move around with the WASD keys, aim your weapon with the mouse, and try to cause as much pain and suffering for the janitorial staff as possible before being mashed into paste by some big paste mashers.

It’s part of the big Made in Poland sale going on at GOG right now, which includes discounts on terrific Polish games like This War of Mine, the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, the Shadow Warrior games, and Superhot.

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