Buy this today: a small pixel art speaker with smart functionality

This is by far the best desk accessory we've laid eyes upon...

Divoom Tivoo pixel art speaker Buy This Today

It’s not often that I get amped about desk accessories, but Divoom’s Tivoo is different from the rest. It seems to offer something for everyone, in large part due to the fact that it’s fully programmable and lets you download others’ programmed pixel art from a gigantic library. It’s not just an ordinary pixel art box, nor is it just an ordinary speaker.

No – it looks and sounds amazing, but that’s not the main appeal. The main appeal is the ability to have it do almost anything you might want, whether it’s display the time, aid your sleep, set alarms, listen to the radio, or even connect to your smartphone apps and display notifications. This is exactly the sort of product you get when you combine quality design and engineering with a great idea, and give the user freedom to do whatever they want with it.

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What is it?

The Divoom Tivoo is, at bottom, a retro-looking pixel art Bluetooth speaker – but it’s so much more than that. What sets it apart is its app-controlled functionality. Whether you want to use it as an alarm clock, a workout or study schedule timer, to display the time, or even show app and text message notifications, the app has you covered.

That’s only half the story, though. It’s great to have all this functionality, but if it isn’t presented well it would fall a bit flat. That isn’t the case with the Tivoo, though. Solid build and audio quality (especially for such a small speaker) is what this retro device boasts. Combine that with a thoughtful build that perfectly captures the essence of a ‘retro TV set’, and its crisp pixel art output, and you get an all-round quality product you can be proud to show off on your desk.

Why should you buy it?

Whether you want something that gives you all the functionality described above, or just something to display lush animated pixel art and play music, the Tivoo has you covered. Its colourful pixel art makes for an enthralling contrast against the authentic retro TV design. Personally, I’d use this desk piece as a radio and smartphone app notification combo, but there are so many other uses it can suit almost any need. It even takes an SD card to play music from, if you’re worried about draining your phone battery.

What options do you have?

Divoom’s Tivoo comes in a range of different colours which you can select from its Amazon product page. It’s currently retailing for $59.90 on Amazon’s US site, and is 15% off at £48.44 on Amazon’s UK site.