Buy this today: a smart mug warmer to keep your coffee warm

If you're either a slow drinker or are quite forgetful, perhaps a mug warmer is for you!

Ember Smart Mug Buy This Today

In the work-from-home era, a hot mug of coffee or tea is probably part of a great many people’s morning routines. Whether you slip out of bed 30 seconds before the work day begins or get up bright and early for a full breakfast, hot, caffeine-addled drinks are a staple ritual for many people wanting to stay sane during the day at home.

And I’m sure we’ve all experienced it before: that moment about an hour after work starts when you look to the side and see the ‘full to the brim’ coffee mug, once hot but now depressingly tepid. Maybe work got hectic and you forgot all about it, and now you have to go to the kitchen and make another. If only you’d had a smart mug warmer like this one!

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What is it?

Ember’s Temperature Control Smart Mug is a mug and coaster combo that keeps your drink warm for you. The mug itself is battery-powered and can keep your drink hot for an hour and a half when off the coaster, while the coaster itself will charge the mug when it’s placed upon it, so if you keep the mug on the coaster it’ll stay warm all day (although we can’t attest to the taste of day-old coffee!). You can even control the drink’s temperature – and receive notifications about it, if you really want – via a handy app.

Why should you buy it?

You’re either forgetful or a slow drinker. Perhaps you’re much too familiar with the ‘oh crap, I’ve let my drink go cold again’ feeling, or maybe you just prefer to take sips of your coffee every now and then and notice it going cold before you reach the bottom. Maybe you’re a caffeine fiend, or maybe you’d like one for a nighttime hot chocolate. Whatever the case, if you need your hot drink to stay hot, Ember’s Smart Mug is the product for you!

What options do you have?

You can get the new and improved Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug from Amazon’s US site, or you can get the original Ember Ceramic Smart Mug from Amazon’s UK site.