Buy this today: an under-desk headphone holder with USB hub

This headphone holder crams a whole load of useful features into a single keep-tidy device

Headphone stand

We're surrounded by peripherals. Flashy mice, giant mouse pads, clicky keyboards, RGB headphones, springy mouse bungees, 1080p webcams, the list goes on. But not all of us own a sprawling desk that requires a wheeled chair to get from one end to the other and is capable of housing all these peripherals. And even those of us that do probably still want some way to keep everything neat and tidy.

An under-desk headphone holder is one way to do just that, and for extra convenience this one even has a USB hub attached! Headphones are perhaps the most unwieldy of peripherals once you take them off your head, and a hook to hang them on has long been the most convenient and tidy way to store them.

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What is it?

This headphone stand attaches under your desk and gives you the option to keep your headphones tucked away nice and tidy, and it does this while also acting as a USB connection hub for your PC! (Unlike the US version, the UK one doesn’t feature USB to PC connectivity – the hub only charges the devices.) It also has an arm on the opposite side to the headphone hanger, with gaps for threading cables and room to hang other things, such as a watch or pair of glasses.

Why should you buy it?

You’re fed up of throwing your headphones on the floor next to your chair, or on top of your PC tower, or simply leaving them lying on the desk all unruly-looking. You want a solution that keeps your headphones out of the way but also serves multiple purposes.

Buy this today

What options do you have?

For the sheer amount of functionality in one package, the best option for the price is to go for Cozoo’s Under Desk Headset Hanger Mount Dual Hook Holder. This headset hanger packs an enormous amount of utility into one device, allowing you to hang multiple things and keep your peripherals tidy, as well as connect your USB devices to your PC without having to go reaching around the back of your tower. (Note that, unlike the US product, the UK one doesn’t feature USB to PC connectivity. Instead, the USB hub simply charges connected devices.)