Buy this today: HyperX Chargeplay Base, a dual Qi wireless charger

This wireless charging pad is a great example of 'you get what you pay for': high-quality and no-nonsense

HyperX Chargeplay Base Qi wireless charger Buy This Today

Love it or hate it, from gaming mice to the latest iPhones, wireless technology has taken over the modern landscape. And these products don’t even come with too many downsides these days. Take the Logitech G Pro Wireless, for example. By our reckoning this is the best gaming mouse currently on the market, and it being wireless introduces no noticeable latency whatsoever.

Despite how great wireless products have become, however, they still run out of juice. And if you’re committed to the wireless lifestyle then you might not want to have to plug your device in every few hours to charge it. This is where Qi chargers come in, and HyperX’s Chargeplay Base, with its high-quality, no-nonsense design approach, is one of the best options with not one but two wireless charging ports.

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What is it?

This wireless charger is Qi-certified, so you can be sure its wireless tech is up to scratch. Its two charging pads can charge (you guessed it) two devices simultaneously, with 10W power per pad or 15W for both pads charging at the same time. Any device capable of Qi charging can be charged on the Chargeplay Base – just place them inside the demarcated circle on top of either of the charging pads.

Why should you buy it?

There’s definitely a premium price tag on this product, but this is justified by its simple functionality. When a device is charging, the centre LEDs light up red on the side of whichever pad is being used and turn off when it’s finished charging.

It was made primarily to be used in conjunction with HyperX’s own wirelessly chargeable Pulesefire Dart mouse and wireless headsets like the Cloud Flight S, but it can charge any Qi-compatible product. It fits snugly on your desk and its rubberised underside means it doesn’t slip around, so you can charge your Qi-compatible iPhone on it while you game, and then place your Qi-compatible gaming mouse on its other pad to charge once you’ve finished playing.

What options do you have?

HyperX’s ChargePlay Base is available for $59.99 USD or £59.99 GBP. There are plenty of other wireless chargers available, but the Chargeplay Base is a great option if you want a high-quality, no-nonsense product that can charge two devices at once.