Buy this today: cleaning gel that easily cleans your keyboard

No, it's not a goo alien - or, if it is, it's a friendly "let me help you clean your keyboard" goo alien

Keyboard cleaning gel

If you've ever picked up your keyboard, turned it upside down, and shook, you know how much dust often collects under and around the keys. And if you own one of the best gaming keyboards around, you probably want to keep it looking and feeling its best. For such a vital interface between us and our games, it’s surprising how little thought is often given to keeping peripherals clean.

Whether it's a mechanical one that you remove the keys from once every month or two to bathe them in warm, soapy water, or a membrane one that you give the upside-down shake treatment every week or so, looking after your keyboard and keeping it clean not only makes it look smarter, but keeps the keys pressing down smoothly, too. This cleaning gel makes the whole cleaning process a lot easier.

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What is it?

This cleaning gel might look like something out of a sci-fi movie – a creature from a race of gooey aliens that has decided to venture up through your bath’s plug hole – but it’s really just a highly adhesive gel designed to easily get into all the nooks and crannies usually reserved for a Q-tip. It works by fitting to the surface you press it onto, sinking into the gaps between your keyboard keys and clinging to all the dust that might be hiding there.

Why should you buy it?

You own a keyboard, and you want an easy way to keep it clean. Cleaning a keyboard can be a laborious task, and while a deep clean will still be necessary every now and then, you can make it so you need to have one less often by using this cleaning gel. If you clean your keyboard with this on a regular basis, it’ll be a lot longer before you have to disassemble your keyboard for a deep clean. And it’ll keep it looking pretty for a lot longer, too.

Buy this today

What options do you have?

For ease of use, your best bet is to go for ColorCoral’s Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner. With this product, you take a piece of the cleaning gel and knead it into a ball, and then press it onto the surface of your keyboard, allowing it to seep between the keys, and then slowly pull it away. It’s also great to use on other rugged surfaces such as car vents.