Buy this today: an app-controlled, colour-changing RGB LED strip

These Smart LED Strips give you complete, on-the-fly customisation of your room's RGB lighting

Smart RGB lighting strip

Everything comes with RGB lighting nowadays. You’ve probably seen some of it beaming out from the guts of your favourite streamer's PC, shining through the tempered glass side panel and beckoning you into the light: “come, join us”, it says. “It’s warm in here. You’ll like it. Join us.” Perhaps you’ve already become one with the RGB, and would happily drop an extra chunk of money for a bright blue stick of RAM. No judgment here – RGB is popular for a reason.

But not many people go that extra step and have RGB lighting outside their PC, save perhaps for its peripherals. A half-measure. Few have the dedication to welcome the RGB into their room, and those that do take this extra step often end up as a top post on r/battlestations, the envy of all who desire an ambient working or gaming environment.

Well, as it turns out, with ‘smart’ LED strips it’s neither too difficult nor too expensive to join the RGB team and make your space as beautiful as your heart desires.

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What is it?

These Govee Smart LED strips do a whole lot more than simply light up your room in RGB splendour. They can also connect via Wi-fi or Bluetooth to the Govee Home app, Alexa, or Google Assistant to enable full customisation and on-the-fly control. Either through the app or via voice control, you can change the LED colours to anything across the whole RGB spectrum, as well as adjust the brightness and turn the LEDs off and on. The strip can even detect any music that’s playing and pulse in time to the beat. Imagine the parties you could throw!

The strip itself is made with bright 5050 LED lights and sticks easily to surfaces with its adhesive back and included fixing strips.

Why should you buy it?

These strips allow full customisation of your room’s lighting. This means by using the app you can quickly switch your lighting from a garish, phosphorescent white-yellow to a nice autumnal orange-red. And if you want to give your fingers a rest, you can ask Alexa to turn your lights on and off, change their brightness, and swap them to your favourite colour. The upshot is that you can make whichever area you want (for me, it would be the area surrounding my computer desk) be whatever colour and brightness you want – limitations be gone.

Buy this today

What options do you have?

There are plenty of RGB lighting strips available to buy, but for a feature-packed product with full lighting customisation options, your best bet is to go for Govee’s Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights, which comes in a roll of either 16.4 feet or 32.8 feet. This product has a plentitude of fantastic Amazon reviews and comes with all the bells and whistles mentioned above. The main allure to a product like this one over others is the possibility for easy, on-the-fly customisation, and Govee’s Smart LED Strip has this in spades.