Cabal Online giveaway! Nab one of 500 progression-boosting codes for the Korean action-MMO

Cabal Online

Where traditionally we might have watched Korean MMOs curiously from afar, Blade & Soul seems to have made real headway in bringing the style to the West. Cabal Online is another free-to-play lesson in fluid, skill-based combat coming to Steam soon, and we’re giving away something that should ease your first days in its company.

The Blessing Bead Plus is a temporary item that’ll transform the week you spend with it, granting access to premium channels, boosted crafting production and “GPS teleportation” – fast travel around the rather large world of Nevareth. On top of that, it’ll boost your XP, drop rate and various other measures of progression by 25%.

Your in-game currency income, meanwhile, will shoot up by 200% for the seven-day duration – and you’ll accumulate points over time which can be redeemed for free items later.

To win a key, you’ll want to complete one of the actions suggested by the widget below. The more actions you complete, the higher your odds of landing one.

If you find a code in your inbox, you’ll want to launch the MMO once it’s out on Steam, or create an account on the Cabal Online site. From either of those locations you can visit the item shop, select the ‘Coupon’ option on the Plus tab, and enter the key. The Blessing Bead will appear in your cash inventory. It’s worth noting that unused codes will expire on the 5th of April.

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Cabal Online