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Calculate the damage of your Steam backlog with SteamPlayTime


How bad can it be? Yes, on one occasion I convinced myself I might play Loom, and The Dig, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, before realising I’d rather haggle for a sofa with Randy Pitchford. And of course, there’s the unwanted hors d’oeuvres from six or seven past Humble Bundles jostling for space in there.

But I mean, really? How big can one man’s Steam backlog get?

Sweet mother of Bhaal.


I think the only positive way to look at SteamPlayTime is as a sort of immersion therapy for backlog guilt. It’ll give you specifics, sure – but all it’s really telling you is that you’ll never live to see it all.

Stop fighting the current and let the sales wash you into a future of better, cheaper PC games. Am I right?

Thanks, @RaygunBrown.