Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s new trailer pits Frank Underwood against terrorists

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story trailer

In season 3 of House of Cards, Frank Underwood quits the White House and puts together a private military company to deal with the aftermath of a global terrorist attack. Politics just wasn’t cutting it anymore, but guns and jetpacks and drones do the job nicely. 

You can take a look at the story trailer for House of Cards season 3, titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare below. 

The Abraham Lincoln quote at the start is a bit of a red herring, suggesting a continuation of House of Cards politics and intrigue, but that’s quickly thrown aside for a war on terror led by a private army.

Besides the change in job, Underwood’s clearly gone through some other changes. He’s ditched the sexy southern drawl, for example. It’ll be interesting to see what else has changed. It’s certainly a bold move, with House of Cards – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now bearing no resemblance to the book and subsequent BBC series that inspired the US version.

Will you be tuning in, or is this change just a bit too radical for you?