Call the midwife: Chaos Reborn has been successfully Kickstarted, and then some

This is Chaos Reborn concept art - but the reality is not far off.

About a week ago, Julian Gollop told us that Kickstarter success for the game he’d already spent a year working on “may or may not happen”.

“It’s too close to call,” he fretted, citing Chaos’ “strange” online systems as a hard sell. And we found ourselves telling gaming’s most-respected strategy designer not to worry – that the mid-campaign slump had become tradition, and would be followed by a triumphant last minute spiral upwards.

We were right: enough people were so emotionally invested in the idea of Chaos Reborn that they felt compelled to make up the difference in financial investment. More than enough, actually.

We’ve watched invisible backers deposit about $20,000 into Chaos’ tentative Kickstarter account over the last two days. It happened quickly enough that a campaign which at the start of the week promised a “nail-biting conclusion” actually comfortably hit its target yesterday evening.

In the event, it now has $6,603 to spare – and 19 hours left to garner a little more.

And so onto stretch goals: which begin with localised French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of the game at $200k, and end at $240k with Android and iOS support.

We’re unlikely to reach the latter now, but we’ll be deeply surprised if it doesn’t happen anyway. As Gollop says, Unity, not PC or Mac or Android, is the platform.

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