ModernHot brings SuperHot’s stylish, slow-mo shooting into COD 4: Modern Warfare


There’s a total conversion mod for COD 4: Modern Warfare’s single-player, and it brings SuperHot’s mechanics and visual style into the military shooter. 

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In SuperHot, time only moves when you do. It’s a balletic shooter where you can relive all your favourite action scenes, dodging bullets, taking out goons, and throwing away empty guns – sometimes directly into an enemy’s face before swiping theirs from the air.

The ModernHot devs have recreated all of this in COD 4, and it looks absolutely amazing. All of COD’s guns are present, as are the sounds, but the mechanics and visual style of SuperHot is layered over the top of it all. There are even dogs.

Check out the new trailer above. ModernHot is out now and you can download it at that link on ModDB.