One Shot is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s new game mode for snipers only

call of duty advanced warfare one shot game mode update

Sledgehammer’s built a new game mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and it’s for snipers only. One Shot gives every player a smidgen of health and a sniper rifle and throws them into a ring together.

One Shot will test your aim, your reflexes, and how good you are at hide and seek.

On the surface, One Shot is team deathmatch for snipers. Sledgehammer’s stripped out class Customisation and built five classes for you to choose from. Each of them has the MORS – a bolt-action railgun sniper rifle – as its primary weapon and no sidearm to speak of.

Each of the five classes are built with a variety of perks, scorestreaks, and exo abilities, giving you some variety against other players.

One Shot should see a dramatic shift in pace from standard Call of Duty matches. Instead of the frantic rush tactics you’ll see more cautious play – yes, there will be camping, but for the best scores you’ll need to keep on the move. Sledgehammer help that with the classes they’ve built. Hard Scope is built to be fast and mobile it has the lightweight and overcharged perks and its exo suit can cloak. Irons is built for a more fullbore player – it can move quickly, hover, and its rifle is specced out with a stock and ironsights for more close up combat. Each of the classes allows for a slight variant on standard sniping

You can check out the builds of each class on the announcement post.