Sledgehammer comes down on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare map exploits

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Democracy? To paraphrase Spacey, people don’t want democracy – they want Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, especially when it’s going cheap for Black Friday. Sales of the gadget-laden shooter leapt 110% during last week’s festival of commerce, and Sledgehammer want to ensure they give the new lot a proper welcome – by squeezing out some of the bad vibes still affecting multiplayer.

Advanced Warfare players should expect patch notes for a title update in the very near future, Sledgehammer head of development Michael Condrey tweeted at the weekend.

The update will cover weapon balancing, improvements to ranked play, fixes to spawn and map exploits, optimisations and more.

The official Advanced Warfare PC forums are choc-a with references to “extremely frustrating” wall hacks and aim-bots.

“The game is plagued with idiots getting away with aimbotting for over a month,” claimed one player. “Pathetic how bad the cheating is.”

This week’s update won’t be Activision’s first attempt at intervention. Last week, we saw that the publisher had been using copyright claims to rid the internet videos containing footage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare cheats and glitches.

The new patch sounds like a more proactive approach, however. Let’s hope those exploits will be gone by the time the Black Friday contingent knuckle down for a second dedicated weekend of double-jump potshotting. Have you noticed any of the problems Condrey lists?