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Death by basketball: the ultimate disgrace in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode

Ball might be life, but in Call of Duty's upcoming Blackout mode, basketballs can be used as deadly weapons

Call of Duty Blackout

As basketball enthusiasts across the world will tell you, ‘Ball is Life’; it’s a saying which refers to an all-consuming passion for the sport. However, as Call of Duty’s Blackout battle royale has proved, ball can also be death.

To explain, you’ll need to know that the battle royale, which will feature as a mode in the upcoming Black Ops 4 (but which was available in beta last week), allows you to carry a basketball in one of your weapon slots. You need to drop another weapon in order to free up space, but that’s a small price to pay to let you shoot some hoops with your squad.

The basketball is, however, not just for show, and it does do a very small amount of damage to your enemies. That means, of course, that if you time everything exactly right, you can secure yourself a kill – and in some places, a first-place finish – with a single, well-aimed shot. And that’s exactly what happened last week, as COD fans got their hands on Blackout for the first time.

In one clip, a player who goes by the username ‘putridorange’ downs an enemy, before putting a few extra shots into him and then sprinting away to gather up a basketball from a nearby court. He returns to his incapacitated opponent, lines up his shot, and eliminates them with the blow from the basketball.

According to putridorange, the basketball only does three damage on impact, making his kill the result of some fortunate timing. Knowing that, however, makes this next clip even more impressive.

It comes from ayzsuzume on Twitter. Entering the final stages of the game, the player and their squad come across one lone player. They toy with him for a while, before the player pulls out a basketball, lines up a shot, and hits their opponent in the head, killing them instantly and claiming the win.

Sadly, the Blackout beta is now over, so you’ll have to wait for your next opportunity to kill someone with a basketball. The Black Ops 4 release date, however, is less than a month away, so you won’t have too long to wait – now might be a good time to start practising your free-throws.