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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 perks - every perk detailed

New to Call of Duty or trying to plan out your perfect build? Here's a list of all Black Ops 4 perks and what they do

black ops 4 perks list

Trying to pick the right Black Ops 4 perks for your class is no mean feat in Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty game. There are plenty of Black Ops 4 perks to choose between the three coloured tiers, and each one has the power to significantly change what your character is capable of and, ultimately, how efficient a killer you are across Black Ops 4’s various Multiplayer modes.

Each of the 13 Black Ops 4 perks costs one point in the Treyarch’s Pick Ten class creation system, so you will want to be highly selective about which of these buffs, if any, you want to include in your class. You can also equip multiple perks from the same perk class using Wildcards in order to specialise your soldier even further.

If you are anything like us then you go to bed dreaming about how you can optimise your loadout, which is why we’ve created the following list of Black Ops 4 perks, so you can plan character builds anytime, anywhere.

Here are all Black Ops 4 Perks:

black ops 4 perks scavenger

  • Scavenger (blue)
    Replenish ammo from fallen players
  • Engineer (blue)
    Detect enemy equipment and Scorestreaks through walls. Re-roll and booby trap Care Packages
  • Flak Jacket (blue)
    Take less damage from enemy explosives
  • Tactical Mask (blue)
    Increased resistance to 9-Bang, Concussion, Razor Wire, Reactor Core, Seeker, Tempest, fire, and Counter UAV

black ops 4 perks lightweight

  • Lightweight (green)
    Move faster while sprinting and take no damage when falling
  • Skulker (green)
    Move faster while crouched and prone
  • Cold Blooded (green)
    Increased resistance to enemy Ability, equipment, and Scorestreak targeting systems. Enemy AI will be delayed when targeting you. Player-controlled Scorestreaks will not highlight you with a targeting reticle
  • Gung-Ho (green)
    Fire your weapon and use equipment while sprinting, recover from sprint faster. Move at full speed when reloading
  • Dexterity (green)
    Mantle, climb, slide, and swap weapons faster. Increased weapon accuracy while jumping or mantling

black ops 4 perks ghost

  • Ghost (red)
    Undetectable by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or controlling Scorestreaks
  • Team Link (red)
    See friendly teammates through walls and reveal a Fog of War circle around you and your teammates
  • Dead Silence (red)
    Move quietly and resist detection from Acoustic Sensor
  • Tracker (red)
    See digital imprint of enemy footsteps and receive an alert on your HUD when revealed in enemy Fog of War

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