Yes, that was Prophet in that Black Ops 4 trailer


Specialists are returning in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and while only eight have been officially revealed so far we can confirm internet speculation – Prophet is the ninth Specialist, and he is visible in one of the game’s trailers.

We spotted a poster for Prophet at the Black Ops 4 community reveal event last week, and while, sadly, we don’t have a picture of this, the Specialist can actually be seen in the ‘Power In Numbers Cinematic’ trailer – although as Black Ops 4 is set before the events of Black Ops 3, when Prophet last appeared, he is not carrying his signature Tempest weapon.

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Prophet, real name David Wilkes, appeared in the previous Call of Duty game from Treyarch. His special weapon, as mentioned, is a charge-shot electricity rifle called the Tempest that instantly kills enemies and chains to other nearby hostiles. His signature ability is Glitch, which allows him to flash back to a previous position.

You can check him out at 1:05 in the trailer below. He’s the character on the far left, holding what appears to be either a sniper rifle (possibly a Paladin HB50) or an earlier version of the Tempest rifle.

Due to Black Ops 4 being an earlier point in the Call of Duty timeline than Black Ops 3, we are unsure if either Prophet’s Glitch ability or his rifle would be available to him here. We assume Activision plan to reveal him at a later date, along with what he can offer players.

Head here to check out all the details on the eight officially revealed Specialists in Black Ops 4 and all their weapons and abilities. A tenth Specialist is rumoured to be another returning face from Black Ops 3, Nomad and his dog pal, but we can’t confirm him at this time – although they may be in the trailer too.